Professionalism and effectiveness

Professionalism and effectiveness are the basis of our professional commitment which features full transparency and integrity in our relationships with the client..

Asset protection planning and investments

The Sycura International team consists of experienced professionals of various nationalities, specialising in international law and taxation, able to listen to and meet the specific needs of each client, private or corporate.
We are partners of institutions, multinational corporations, banks, law firms and professional studios in many countries across the various continents. The quality of our services is guaranteed by the expertise of experienced professionals whose skills are constantly updated.

Who we are

Feasibility Studies

We conduct our feasibility studies with a primary objective – maintaining an unbiased approach in order to provide information on which decisions can be based.

Company registration

If you need to establish a corporate presence in Europe, the Far East, South America, the Middle East or Asia, or you are just researching a solution for your business, Sycura International offers a highly professional, quick and convenient service.

Real Estate

We assist those who wish to invest in overseas property with our professionalism, providing technical, tax and legal support and a wide selection of properties.

Alternative Investments

At Sycura International we believe that active management of a balanced portfolio should have a disciplined approach paying attention to diversification of investments. We have developed an exceptional network, which includes the best practitioners in the world in the alternative investments sector.

Sycura International is at your disposal for information or quotes related to the services provided. Assistance is offered in English, Italian and French. .