Feasibility Studies


Sycura International performs feasibility studies in the following fields of real estate:

• Marketing management
• Market research
• Advertising planning
• Product market research
• New partner research

Our actions aim to find out objectively and rationally the strengths and weaknesses of a company that wishes to explore new markets, or intends to undertake a joint venture in the Middle East. Researching opportunities and pitfalls in the market, we determine the resources needed to complete the project and the prospects of success.

Our consultancy provides a historical background of the business, a description of the products or services in competition, research and marketing policies.

We evaluate the potential of your project and its chances of success. Perceived objectivity is an important factor for the credibility of the study if it is to be shown to potential investors and local banks. We conduct our feasibility studies with a primary objective – maintaining an unbiased approach in order to provide information on which decisions can be based.

Sycura International directs, supports and assists the client in the choice of policies and instruments to be adopted for the personal, financial and business situation of each client.

Sycura International is at your disposal for information or quotes related to the services provided. Assistance is offered in English, Italian and French. .